European marriage history is a wonderful way to celebrate the special faiths of Europe and their cultures surrounding love and marriage. Many of these conventions have a distinct significance and imagery attached to them, whether it is for luck, happiness or to stay the cruel souls at harbor. Some of these customs does look unusual or ridiculous to us immediately but they are deeply rooted in culture and have been passed down over the years for centuries.

For instance, in France after the official festivities and the group, it is standard to gather outside the honeymooners’ screen to bang pots and pans with them – this is known as “la charivari”. This is to want them good fortune and price them from any monetary fears they may have. It is also done to tell them of the joy and excitement that their marriage time brought them, as well as to bring them more nice fortune in their upcoming together.

Another European wedding tradition is the” Krevati”. This involves friends and family members placing cash on the woman’s mattress for ovulation, wellbeing and growth. They typically leave a little more than that and if they are very wealthy, they might also present them with a house or a castle!

Sweet almonds are also a Western marriage traditions. They are given to all customers who attend a ceremony and indicate success, wellbeing, faith and achievements. They are usually pinned to the honeymooners garments by their guests, much like the bridal bands.

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