Since they’re licensed and prominently display a seal from state gambling regulators to prove it, BetMGM, Caesars Palace, DraftKings, Golden Nugget and Borgata are among the most trusted online casinos. Another very useful feature, facial recognition may be used by casino security to identify previously arrested and blacklisted players and remove them from the casino. It would be nearly impossible to identify them without this feature since casinos get over thousands of visitors every day. CCTV cameras don’t just deter crime by playing with the fear of getting caught but also provide legitimate evidence in the form of CCTV footage that helps law enforcement agencies identify and catch criminals during an investigation. Casino surveillance can also help prevent employee theft which is another major concern.

You can also trust online casinos representing top US casino brands and online casinos that post clear statements regarding approval for real money gaming in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, and Connecticut. Other criminal activities casinos are prone to include assaults and robberies, sometimes at gunpoint (Nichter, 1998). An assault in a casino is often a combination of aggression over losing a game and a substantial amount of money, as well as drugs and alcohol.

If you’ve seen any casino robbery movie, you would know why they are such lucrative targets for criminals. The sheer volume of cash and currency that flows through them on a daily basis creates the perfect opportunity for theft, fraud, and counterfeiting. Due to their nature, casinos are one of the most heavily guarded and protected entertainment venues in the world. We were all fairly intimidated since we were fairly out of shape security guards so we didn’t say anything then, but you better believe when we were sitting in the employee dining room waiting for shift change we were all busting up. That day guys got a kick out of the story, since a lot of them had been ex-military and some of them had gotten stupid just like the SSgt did.

This is crucial because identifying recurring offenders is just as vital as identifying a single offense. The casino knows that a confrontation is more likely to result in a violent end which is not in the best interests of the employees or players at the casino. The culprits are then often tracked down using CCTV and eye witness evidence as well as spending habits and activity of the suspects which can often be traced due to the chips or cash stolen being marked and linked to the casino. The evolution of technology has also seen a number of other systems introduced at casinos across the globe. Facial recognition helps the team identify flagged individuals entering the properties.

The Daily Login Bonus ensures that you will never miss a day of fun, and rewards you just for signing into your account. On day one, collect 0.30 SC, and by day seven, you earn 1.00 SC just for logging into your account. If you or a loved one has questions or needs to talk to a professional about gambling, call GAMBLER or visit for more information. The data subjects may ask to see the CCTV footage that you have of them and you are obligated to provide them with the recorded data within one month. Some genius in marketing decided it was a good idea to bring multiple competing bike gangs from SoCal to have a “trick show” in our parking lot, and basically just have a weekend of fun and debauchery. CPR/AED/First Aid is a given, Alcohol Management, and most of the major casinos also put you through a use-of-force, restraint, and handcuffing course.

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Steve Martinez is the Special Response Team (SRT) and Canine (K9) Program Manager at Caesars Entertainment. Martinez began his security career with the Chicago Police Department, where he held roles as a Police Officer, K9 Handler, and K9 Program Coordinator and Trainer across multiple divisions, including Narcotics and Organized Crime. Army in Iraq before retiring from the Chicago Police Department and joining Caesars Entertainment in 2018.

You’ll spend a lot of time in observation rooms keeping a close eye on what happens in the game sections. Occasionally, you’ll switch between these areas and the casino floor to get a better view of the staff and customers. To observe live gaming and money-handling areas, you must maintain secrecy around clients and staff. You must frequently stand, walk, sit, and use your hands to finger, handle, or feel things, instruments, or controls while performing casino surveillance tasks.

CCTV cameras may be subjected to vandalism by criminals trying to steal or damage them or by something who is intoxicated. Therefore, to ensure that the surveillance systems are kept safe from such attacks, locate them out of easy reach or opt for vandal-resistant cameras. Casinos are typically constructed in open areas with large rooms and hallways, which makes having CCTV cameras with a longer viewing range extremely useful. You need to be able to see what is happening in every corner of the casino, and if you are not able to, it kind of defeats the purpose of video surveillance.

There is also a section of the security teams that will be on the lookout for cheating gamblers, there are many creative methods employed by cheaters at casinos to defraud the casino. From card counters to hustlers pulling cards out of their sleeves, the casino security cameras spend a great deal of time monitoring and catching those engaging in such illegal activities. Install security cameras at all of the facility’s entrances and exits to capture and document all players entering the space.

One thing we have learned from these events is that the faster an appropriate response is delivered, the greater the opportunity to reduce causalities. Most casinos now have a robust active shooter program to train not only security staff but every employee in the company. The 1 October 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas shook the casino hospitality industry to its core. The use of biometrics is becoming increasingly popular in the casino industry as a way to improve security. By using biometrics, casinos can identify customers based on their physical characteristics, such as their fingerprints or facial features. Casino managers engage in a cat-and-mouse battle with cheaters, continuously advancing

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